Campus Violence Prevention Program

One Shields Avenue
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616

P: (530) 752-3299
F: (530) 754-6390


Welcome to UC Davis!  

We want to promote healthy and safe relationships during your time here, and we can all play a part.  UC Davis is part of a UC system-wide effort to provide education, prevention and response to the issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking.  Addressing these issues is a part of the University’s commitment to providing you with an inspiring, healthy, and safe learning environment.  A key component of this safe learning environment is an atmosphere free of violence, coercion, and fear.

As part of this commitment, UC Davis has an in-person violence education requirement.  To fulfill this requirement, please follow these steps:

If you are already attending the summer orientation program for transfer or first-year students, you will have the opportunity to complete the requirement during the VIP Workshop portion of the orientation.  Check with your Orientation Leader for information about the Workshops’ specific times.

You will need to know your student ID number and UC Davis email address in order to receive credit for attending the session.

If you are not attending the summer orientation program there will be several opportunities at the beginning of the school year to fulfill this requirement.  Go to Violence Intervention & Prevention (VIP) Workshop for the schedule of upcoming VIP Workshops.

Please note that students who do not attend the in-person VIP Workshop during their first quarter at UC Davis will have a hold placed on their ability to register for classes.  Attendance to a VIP Workshop is required to have the hold removed.